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Mathis Ruffing - 030 BASS (SAVOUR003)

Mathis Ruffing releases homage to Berlin's Schöneberg district on Marlon Hoffstadt's Savour The Moment imprint.

The third catalogue number features 5 club-ready electro breaks from Mathis Ruffing, one of Berlin's most interesting artists today. With releases on Strictly Strictly, Banlieue and his very own Infinite Drift, Mathis Ruffing caught the attention of electro heads.

The EP is out on Friday, April 24th, 2020.

Northworks - Relocation (SAVOUR002)​

Berlin’s Savour The Moment party is back with the second installment on their freshly found label.

SAVOUR002 comes from Northworks, a mysterious and yet unknown artist from the UK, and contains seven originals that touch elements of dubbed out techno and ambient.

released March 13, 2020

Written & Produced by Michael Gallagher
Mastered by Justin Drake (Bakehousestudios)
Artwork by The Swift

Fufi.SNC - Homebase (SAVOUR001)
We are starting our own label, dedicated to unknown artists and newcomers only.

After running our events at Berlins infamous Wilde Renate for almost two years we thought it would the right time to expand this project.  The first instalment comes from Fufi.SNC, one third behind the SNC crew. Marlon Hoffstadt met the boys a few years ago in Suxul and has been keeping an eye on them ever since.

The release is out January 24th and will be celebrated at Savour The Moments first 2020 event at Wilde Renate on January 11th with an exclusive live set by Fufi.
Savour The Moment - Podcast Series:
This is our little podcast series, inviting our friends, acts we book and admire and other human beings. We try to host them as frequent as possible but you know the deal, sometimes it takes a bit longer then expected. Anyway we hope you enjoy this little section here. If you like it, share it and spread the word. But most importantly, switch off your phone and pay respect to the artist while listening to this podcast.

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